We would like to invite you to take part in a temporary landart and landscape initiative called YELLOWFIELD at University of Strathclyde’s Mobileland site, behind the Greek Thompson Church off Laurieston Rd. in Gorbals.

With the support of the University of Strathclyde, Green Glasgow 2015 and Glasgow City Council, YELLOWFIELD is creating environmental awareness and debate on smart and sustainable ideas, through the transformation of a brownfield site into ecologically productive land. This project aims to reanimate future brownfield sites: from Brown to Green.

YELLOWFIELD started on the 1st of May 2015 with the planting of 200 sunflower seedlings and it will complete in November 2015 once the plants have past their annual lifespan.

The main focus point for discussion is the promotion of Phytoremediation in the urban environment. Sunflowers are a very effective plant for cleaning soils contaminated with industrial waste. It is being seen around the world as a clean, cost effective and environmentally friendly way to reclaim and reuse land. Sunflowers are being used because of their quick growth and size and their visual appeal. The sunflowers take in the toxins from the soil as they would nutrients, at the end of the year’s growth the plant is removed from the site and destroyed.

The project is a pioneering initiative led by The University of Strathclyde. Dr Cristian Suau (Architecture); Dr Christine Switzer (Civil & Environmental Engineering) and Amanda Currie (external landscape artist & gardener) are the main team. MOBILELAND Garden performs as a catalyst for community actions; produces an improvement in the aesthetics and rebrands stigmatised residential areas; contributes to the green infrastructure of the city; and generates safe public places for local dwellers.

This invitation enclosed is a poster to the open day on the 22nd August 2015. Fell free to invite your friends, family and colleagues. It will start with a welcome talk at 11am followed by guide visits led by Amanda Currie and Dr Christine Switzer within the YELLOWFIELD garden. An eco-food pavilion called ‘The Food Slot’ will provide food and soft drink during the event. Visitors will also have the opportunity to have their say on the initiative, by way of verbal feedbacks, photography and video recording.

We also hope you find this a project of interest for the local community and will consider assisting us with informing residents, local businesses and community groups about the project, in particular the open day on the 22nd August. If you would like any more information, please contact Amanda: or by phone 07886 196 089.

There is also more information at the MOBILELAND Garden’s website:


Dr Cristian Suau

Amanda Currie

Dr Christine Switzer

Close-up of Sunflower seed. texture background



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