As part of an intense internship at Rock DCM Ltd. at BAaD our prominent students Eoin Kavanagh, Kurt Cleary and Spyros Pagkalis have designed the first FABLAB at the core of East Glasgow. The Glasgow Project Office (GPO) and MOBILELAND prove once again to be an effective educational and KE vehicle to link community, socially engaged practices and youth creativity.


The Barras Art and Design 2 project, (BAaD2) will provide a rugged envelope for a diverse range of tenants, bringing enhanced entrepreneurial and educational aspects to the area.


The building will heal an existing gap site in the heart of the Barras market area on Moncur Street, contributing towards the re-densification of the area. The materiality of the building (formed from recycled shipping containers) gives a new lease of life to existing objects just as the Barras Market.

The metal frontage relates to existing metal building such as the nearby market sheds while creating a typology of building that can be easily delivered as a quick cost effective intervention. Cantilevered containers provide shelter to the streetscape and new public artwork will lend a creative spark to this area.

Working under close academic and professional supervision the students have gained valuable hands on experience with the project. This spans across the feasibility study, initial design proposals and planning submissions by producing sketches and design drawings. The skills that have been built up during this intensive period will prove invaluable as the student’s graduate and move into the professional realm.

Fig_01: The Barras Art and Design 2 project during daytime (BAaD2)
Fig_02: The Barras Art and Design 2 project during nightime (BAaD2)


Fig_03: Brainstorming design sessions at GPO, Barras


Fig_03: Brainstorming design sessions at GPO, Barras


Fig_04: Eoin, Kurt and Spyros are part of the BAaD2’s design at GPO


Fig_05: Onsite line-marking of the BAaD2’s design at Barras


Project is now moving on rapidly, and ground is due to be broken on the intended building in the early stages of this forthcoming summer. This will mark a whole new and exciting phase in the learning process as ideas begin to be translated from paper into actual work on the ground. This will provide a different range of experience, which has traditionally been absent from academic training.


Cristian Suau

GPO director




Project Description

A small group of Mobilelanders is working closely with a Community Involvement class at Bellahouston Academy. Our first discussions with the class were about what we do at Mobileland and our ideas to use the HerbPod to transform an empty space. The class was keen to learn more and decided as part of the workshops that they would like to build a greenhouse for their HerbPods using recycled materials – in this case plastic bottles. Our Mobilelanders and the school has actively been collecting plastic bottles for this, everyone has made a fantastic effort. Over a series of workshops with the school we intend to plant HerbPods with the aims of showing the school pupils how small interventions can transform a space and educate them on the use of herbs for flavouring food instead of salt. Following from this our workshops will focus on the design of the green house giving the pupils a chance to consider how they would design their structure using the recycled material pallet. Then they can see how these designs are realised though building then testing the greenhouse and growing the herbs inside.


Friday 28th March 2015
Workshop 1: Community Involvement at Bellahouston Academy in Glasgow


We presented our idea of Herb Pods to the class, showing examples of successful precedents and images of our Mobileland site proposals. Each member of the class was given a tin and tasked with planting some herb seeds. They each drilled drainage holes into the bottom of their tin before filling with soil. Some seeds were then placed and covered with top soil before being lightly watered. These are to be looked after over the holidays, ready to be used at the end of the workshops. The pupils were enthusiastic about the project and are looking forward to showing off their herbs when they return after the holidays!






Mobile green and art spaces creation in vacant or under-utilised Glasgow land to enliven communities. Reduce+Reuse+Recycle